Finbar's new Pipes and Flute instrumental CD is now available in all music shops in Ireland and also online at:…/…/slender-promise.-ins…/id964486
"Finbar's new instrumental pipes and flute album.
Now available online and in usual outlets."




     'Colours' De Luxe Edition


  The Last Great Love Song          

Out now through the RTE SHOP 

 and at your local outlets. 

  1. Once When I was
  2. Colours
  3. Walking With My Love
  4. I'm Sitting in the Railway Square
  5. Whiskey Come to me on Sunday
  6. Rivers of Steel
  7. Dan O' Hara
  8. The Last Great Love Song
  9. After Sunday Mass
  10. Begging Change on the Street
  11. The Ballad For George Best
  12. The Old Man
  13. Joy of My Heart
  14. Something in the Way She Moves
  15. Schooldays  Over
  16. Waltzing Matilda
  17. One Last Pay Day
  18. Blowin'  in the Wind.