Finbar Furey is an Irish singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer, storyteller and actor.

Finbar with his older brother, Eddie, toured the world from 1968 and in 1972 were awarded 'Single of The Year' by John Peel for the original sound of the pipes and whistles with guitar and vocals.  In 1976 they asked their two younger brothers, Paul and George, along with  tenor banjo player, Davey Arthur, to join them, and together they toured and recorded for more than twenty years. 

In 1996 Finbar embarked on a solo career to pursue a new life as a singer, songwriter, musician and producer. 

Always at the forefront of musical change, Finbar’s successful career, and extensive touring introduced a whole new audience to the music and new songs.  

Finbar's latest CD/DVD entitled ‘Don’t Stop This Now’ was released on 30 March 2018 by BMG UK, and distributed in Ireland via Universal and in the UK via Absolute.

'Finbar Furey proves that he is not just a massive force in Irish music's heritage, he is a massive force in shaping it's future as well'.

- Shane MacGowan 

‘Only someone as tough as Finbar Furey can sing songs this tender.  Only someone who has lived all the lives Finbar Furey has lived, can stop us in the busy street of our own life and still us into focusing on one very real soul in a song like ‘Annabelle’.  We believe him when he sings of the lost and losing faith.  We trust him with our own doubts, but strangely, with such balladry he gives us more faith and courage to go on’.  


‘Finbar Furey, even his name sings defiantly. It's worth living long enough to hear that defiance and wisdom deepen, soften, yet never bend. It's so great to see him. Whenever I do I'm reminded of the promise I made to myself: stay the road, stay true to yourself and your song. This man has it in spades’.

Glen Hansard

‘Finbar is the jewel of Ireland. A rough cut, perfectly polished, precious, invaluable treasure of ours. He lives and breathes every word of every song he writes and performs. It feels like he sings every one just for me. Watch him, he mesmerises. With each gesture, each movement, each expression, he draws you in with his unmistakable, deep, dulcet, husky and yet sweetly soft, intimate, often delicately vulnerable, voice.  With every song he sings I am convinced he can see inside my heart and I into his.  He is the master. This is an icon at his best... so far’.

Imelda May

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