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Sweet holy Jesus, sweet mother of God

It’s whiter than white, before ever you’re born

It’s the Christian message

Delivered with such scorn

It’s gypsy go boy go.

Get back on the road


I’m on the road; I got the sun on my back

I’ve got apartheid feelings buried deep in my heart

Since way back when I was four years old

Around the campfires at night

I heard the stories told.


There were killings and beatings on the lonesome roads

And the young who died while driven through snow

The old ones perished from hunger and cold

No place to run to

No place to call home.


Sweet holy Jesus, sweet mother of god......................


We tried your ways, you know, it couldn’t be done

You would never accept us, equal one for one

But you’d come at night to shout

Get out! Move on!

We don’t want your kind here

Come on! Tomorrow be gone.


I’m a travelling man

From the travelling clan

I’ve been a part of nature since time began

Don’t bend and twist me

Without taking my hand

This heart inside me

Has the soul of a man.


It’s gypsy go boy go.

Get back on the road

It’s gypsy go boy go

And still the dance goes on


© Finbar Furey 1997

Gypsy Goboy